Drop-In Program: A Perfect Refuge for Kids of Working Parents

The order of the day is for both father and mother to work together to earn a living.

Gone are the days when moms are left at home to take care of the kids and the household chores, while dads are outside buckling down to work to feed the family.

These days both parents have their own careers, so both need to go out of the house.

The question is: what to do with the kids, especially the young ones?

Kinderland 4 Kids Is the Answer

No parents to take care of the young tots? No problem.

Trust our institution, Kinderland 4 Kids, the tot-friendly early childhood education in Florida City FL to do that for them through our Drop-In program. Said program is the most ideal for parents who may be called in for work in an emergency or for those with shifting work schedules that don’t coincide with the usual dismissal hours of their kids at school. We offer full-time and part-time arrangements.

Not only do your active lovely kids receive unmatched care from us, they also get much more benefits.

Giving our students worthwhile experience in school has been the top priority of our organization. Whatever program they are enrolled in, we make sure to address their developmental requirements, especially in the following areas:

  • Executive Function, Task Completion and Focus
  • Encouraging Healthy Emotional Reactions
  • Learning Creative Expression
  • Communication and Early Language Skills
  • Motor Skills Development (Fine and Gross)
  • Psychosocial Development
  • Conceptual and Cognitive Development

By fulfilling these developmental aspects with Early Childhood Education in Miami Beach FL, we hope to produce graduates that possess the capabilities to achieve their fullest potential.

Avail of our drop-in program now and your kids will be in great hands when it comes to child care and development.

Our phone line 305-866-7477 is always open for your inquiries, suggestions and requests, so is our fax line at 305-868-7170.

You can also reach out to us through our website kinderland4kids.com or through our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Our office is located at 7830 Carlyle Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141 (view map and directions »).

How’s your experience with the current provider of your child’s care and education? Are you satisfied with them or not? Why?

Please leave your reply to these queries in the comments section below.


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