Dear Parents,

You want the best caregiver you can find for your toddler – someone who’s loving, responsive, attentive; someone your toddler dotes on; someone who dotes on your toddler. Someone who’s as much like a parent as possible, so your toddler won’t miss you so much when you’re not there.
Or do you?

Of course you do. But if you’ve chosen a really good caregiver, and your child has become attached to her – possibly, very attached – you’re bound to feel some rivalry and resentment. Kinderland 4 Kids, a provider of early childhood education in Florida City FL, says it’s only natural to wonder, as another person takes your child into her arms each morning, whether she’s also taking your place in your child’s heart. Sure, you want your child to be happy during the day, but sometimes it hurts to see him or her that happy. Sure, you want your child to separate easily from you when you leave for work, but it threatens the parental ego when separation is too easy.

There’s liable to be competition, too, and from both sides. As a parent, you’d like to think that no one can calm, occupy, feed, and amuse your child as well as you can. But it’s a childcare provider’s job to try – she is paid to focus her attention on your child. When you see the provider has been doing her job well, it’s comforting and yet, at the same time, it can be disturbing.

Kinderland 4 Kids has been a steady provider of early childhood education in Florida City FL. We’ve met and heard the same issue from several parents like you. And, as a matter of fact, such feelings are normal – and many parents experience them. But while other people can do a good job of caring for your child – and, hopefully, will continue to, as needed, throughout the growing-up years – no one can take your place. Care providers may come and go, and they often do, but you, the parent, are there for the long haul – and your child, no matter how young, knows it. A child’s relationship with a parent may be more complicated and often conflicted, but this intensity makes it all the more meaningful.

If your child is affectionate toward the caregiver, take it as a sign that you’ve made a good choice. If your child is so engrossed in play with the caregiver that you feel invisible when you walk in the door at the end of the day, take it as a sign that the situation is working. If your child behaves all day for the sitter, take it as a sign that your child feels secure enough in your love to misbehave in your presence.

In other words, stop worrying and be happy – that your toddler’s happy.

Kinderland 4 Kids, a provider of early childhood education in Florida City FL


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