Subjects and Skills Your Toddler Should Be Acquainted With Before Preschool

Do you think you can teach subjects like science, math and language to your little one? As a parent, you should be optimistic in teaching these subjects to your child even though you hated these mentioned subjects in the first place.

When we give early childhood education in Miami Beach FL, we encounter various kinds of kids from different backgrounds and cultures to different physical features. But among those kids, we greatly appreciate those whose parents have already taught or exposed them to basic skills. Wait. Is it not the institution’s responsibility to teach and expose the children to these skills? The answer is no.

It is the parents who should start acquainting these children to these various skills. Children look up to their parent. It is the responsibility of these couples to introduce their kids to skills which they will eventually use in the future. If you let the school do the entire job, it would be like sending a rabbit to grasslands full of hungry lions. This experience would later let the young learner associate learning with something traumatic and therefore block their ability to grasp in new knowledge.

As a provider of quality early childhood education in Miami Beach FL, Kinderland 4 Kids believes that a well-prepared child learns and excels faster in life. So before you send your little one to the care and guidance of educational institutions, make sure he or she is already equipped with the skills he or she needs to do extremely well in class. So what are these skills?

Language skills

  • Able to communicate in sentences
  • Can follow one- and two-step directions that are given orally
  • Uses sentences that gives two or more ideas
  • Uses descriptive language
  • Knows and recites common nursery rhymes and songs
  • Imitates adults in creating stories
  • Able to narrate stories accurately
  • Tells everyday experiences accordingly
  • Able to express their own curiosity
  • Expresses ideas with the intention to let others understand


  • Shows interest in their environment
  • Curios about their surroundings
  • Notices common and different properties among objects and materials (examples include texture, color, etc.)
  • Knows facts about common plants and animals
  • Recognizes objects in the sky like the sun, moon, clouds and lightning

Creative arts and music

  • Can recognize basic shapes and colors
  • Draws shapes and simple objects that are easily recognizable
  • Able to narrate a story with pictures
  • Moves to the beat of a song
  • Explores common musical instruments
  • Finds joy in improving or replicating musical patterns

Social Studies

  • Be on familiar terms with traditions such as important holidays and birthdays
  • Understands that people exists in different parts of the world
  • Comprehends that people grow up on different customs and traditions
  • Surveys simple maps and other visual representations in the neighborhood or in the community he or she is in


  • Can count from 1 to 10
  • Distinguishes the difference of objects in a group according to size or number
  • Able to distinguish shapes
  • Can organize things according to groups

Teaching the skills needed for the subjects Language, Math, Science, Creative Arts & Music and Social Studies is not that difficult. All you need are tips and guidance from teachers and other professionals who can walk you right through the process. And once your child is ready and the basic skills already introduced, you can enroll them to preschool.

You do not just send them to any preschool but an educational institution you trust just as Kinderland 4 Kids gave assurance to parents that their kids will be catered through our quality and child-centered early childhood education in Miami Beach FL.

If you want more information about our programs and services, you can visit us at


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